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Fala Coffee



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About This Coffee 

Our Soleil blend is truly special. The word "Soleil" translates to "Sun" in French, illuminating the unique brightness of this blend. We have combined the best aspects of Ethiopian and Brazilian coffee to create a uniquely balanced cup. The Ethiopian beans contribute complex, fruity top notes, while the Brazilian beans provide a smooth chocolate base. The result is a truly exceptional coffee experience that shines as radiantly as its namesake.





SIZE: 12oz / 340g (about a 2 week supply of beans for 1-2 cups a day)


About The Artist

At Fala Coffee, we work towards building relationships, while providing great coffee along the way. Every year, we work with an artist to develop the artwork for our packaging. The artist behind this illustration is Azra Hirji. Azra is a product of global influences. She creates art with the aim of showcasing a diverse representation of the world.

5% of the proceeds go to the featured artist

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