Fala Coffee brings together the worlds of specialty coffee and art, creating a unique and visually stunning experience for our customers. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality, ethically-sourced beans and showcasing the work of talented artists on our packaging. We strive to not only provide a delicious cup of coffee, but also to inspire and enrich the lives of our customers through the beauty and creativity of our packaging designs.


Our 2022 artist is Azra Hirji. Azra Hirji was born in Canada with roots from Kutch and Tanzania. She illustrates, designs and creates from her Lisbon studio with an emphasis on showcasing a diverse representation of the world in her work.

Azra's Portfolio


Our previous artists is Ben O'Neil. Ben is a Toronto-based illustrator, designer and screenwriter. His first graphic novel Apologetica was published by Popnoir Editions in 2019, and nominated for the 2020 Expozine Prize and the Doug Wright Award for Emerging Talent. Previous freelance clients include Jacobin, Exclaim! Magazine, Socialter, Sweet Jesus and Left Field Brewery.

Ben's Portfolio